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Cleveland Plain Dealer Review


Where: 1809 Triplett Blvd. and a second location, 3985 Medina Road, both in Akron.

Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. school nights; 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. weekends and summer. Open through November. Check Web site: www.stricklands.info.

Prices: Cones, 50 cents to $2.65; strawberry shortcake, $2.75.

Don't miss: Vanilla, chocolate, pina colada (if it's the flavor of the day) and the superb strawberry shortcake.

Cleanliness: Whistle clean.

Kid-friendliness: Aren't we all kids at this counter?

Accessibility: No barriers.

Grade: A-

A friend took me here in part because he could walk to it during his childhood summers. Later it became the stand where he took his girlfriends. "Not that many," he adds. You can still see the bloom of youth on his 59½-year-old face when he pulls in the parking lot. I liked it right away, especially the words "Vernor's Soda" in neon on the side of the white box building. The entertainment value increased with the view across the street: A blimp airdock, small plane airport and the raceway for the Soap Box Derby. The frozen custard was terrific. A bit more vanilla would be nice, but this was the thickest, coldest and creamiest that I've had. The clerks here pride themselves on pumping out the stiffest, tallest peaks. I almost blurted out that I once entered the Soap Box Derby Queen contest.

- Debbi Snook

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