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Fox LA - OC Hotlist Winner!!!

Kid-Friendly Fun: Why You Should Move to Orange County. By Catherine Workman, part of a great team at WellnessVoyager that aims to spread love for travel.

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Strickland's is thrilled with the opportunity to bring the taste and tradition of Strickland's to the Orange County area.  The Irvine store was the first Strickland's location to open outside of the State of Ohio.

The store is conveniently located across the street from the beautiful University of California at Irvine campus.

Strickland's was founded in 1936 by Bill and Florence Strickland.  The first Strickland's started out with a small, roadside stand in Akron, Ohio that is still in operation today.  As an Akron Pure Milk employee, Bill was well acquainted with milk products, and developed his own rich ice cream recipe that is still the basis for our ice cream.  Bill also sought out the best, hand-made ice cream equipment available, and in the process created a combination that produces our deliciously different homemade ice cream.  First-timers are amazed by our rich, smooth, and creamy ice cream.

Strickland's of Irvine, California

4523 Campus Drive
Irvine, California 92612

Current hrs:  12noon-10pm SEVEN days

HALF-PRICED small and medium shakes from 4-8 every Monday!

Daily Dole Whip:  Pineapple 

10% OFF any ice cream item with Student ID!

Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/stricklands949 or look us up on Facebook by searching Stricklands Ice Cream Irvine.

The ice cream machines in the Strickland's of Irvine are duplicates of the original machines commissioned by Bill Strickland.  The Strickland's team spent countless hours carefully reproducing the quality of the original machines, so that the ice cream you taste in California is as good as the ice cream from the original stand in Ohio.  Pictures at right are the four machines that were installed in the Irvine, California store.  Lined up like torpedoes, they are now launching California's best ice cream.

Our ice cream is hand-dipped, using a unique, conical dipper.  The original dippers, like the ice cream machines, are antiques that can no longer be found.  So, Strickland's has produced its own conical dipper, that creates the one of a kind look of the Strickland's signature cone.

Strickland's has been featured on regional and national news and entertainment programs, and is legendary in the ice cream business for its longevity and exceptional quality.  Stop in today and try the ice cream that has developed fans all across the country for generations!


Wellness Voyager

Kid-Friendly Fun: Why You Should Move to Orange County

Orange County is known for its tourist attractions and popularity as a vacation spot. However, if you’re a family that enjoys having a range of fun activities, Orange County can also be a wonderful place to live. Not only is the area beautifully diverse with an ideal climate and every amenity imaginable, it’s also a great place to raise a family with plenty of family-friendly, fun activities to choose from. If your family is looking for a new, exciting place to move, here are a few kid-centric reasons you should move to Orange County.

Discovery Cube

Discovery Cube is a children’s science museum with bright colors, interesting exhibits, and of course, a giant cube. Its exhibits focus on both educating kids and entertaining them with special featured topics like cartoons or movies. These special exhibits are on display for a limited time before changing into something new and equally exciting, which keeps visitors coming back time and time again. With the zany appearance of the museum, adults are bound to enjoy themselves as well.

Adventure City

Adventure City is a family-friendly amusement park that runs cheaper than most amusement park visits. They have traditional fun and games such as roller coasters, a train, a rock climbing wall, a carousel, and even a petting zoo. It’s a great place to go to celebrate the beginning of summer break and is fun for adults as well as kids.

Stricklands in Irvine

Stricklands is a historic company first started in 1936 that has become famous for its freshly made ice cream. One of the best benefits of living in Orange County is the climate, meaning every season is ice cream season. Stricklands offers new specialty flavors each day, ensuring their guests never grow bored of their flavor selection. Ice cream is one of the best ways to top off a fun day, whether you’ve spent a few hours at the beach, out hiking, or simply enjoying all that Orange County has to offer.

Irvine Regional Park

Irvine Regional Park is home to anything and everything kid-friendly. It boasts train rides, paddle boats, pony rides, hiking, and even houses the Orange County Zoo. An entire day from morning to night could easily be spent enjoying all that this enormous park has to offer. The activities are family-friendly rather than just kid-friendly, allowing adults to look forward to visiting the park.

Camelot Golfland

If your family is into mini golf, Camelot Golfland is the place to go. They have several expansive mini golf courses as well as an arcade castle. The massive structure houses a huge video game arcade and food court. The fare consists of the standard pizza and soda that you’d expect from an arcade. Though the video games may be a little less entertaining for the adults in the group, mini golf knows no age and can be a great time for everyone in the family.

Orange County offers an endless supply of entertainment for children and adults alike. It may be known for its amusement parks but keep in mind that Orange County also has a lot of natural beauty too. If you opt to move your family to Orange County, your kids will have the best of both worlds; sprawling city life with access to the great outdoors.

November 2016

By Catherine Workman, part of a great team at WellnessVoyager that aims to spread love for travel

Best Desserts near Irvine, CA

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